How to Create a Rim Light Effect Using Photoshop

Lighting is a huge integral part of a movie’s success. The same applies to photography. It’s all about the light or lack of it to create the drama in an image. Rim lighting, as the term suggests, is also called edge or back lighting. In this article I will show you how to create this […]

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5 Tips For Using a Wacom Tablet With Lightroom

This is one of those classic “best of” articles (from Matt) that was so good, and still so perfectly relevant, that I wanted to share it with all our new readers (and folks who missed it the first time around).

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Quick Tip on Using Lightroom’s Target Adjustment Tool

It’s time for another Lightroom Coffee Break with Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde. This time, in just 44-seconds, he shows you how and why you’d want to use Lightroom’s Targeted Adjustment Tool. Pretty handy tool, and one I use myself quite a bit. 🙂 Want a perfect last-minute Christmas gift? Get the Lightroom-using, Photos…
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4 Tips to Leverage Natural Light Using Just your Camera and One Lens

In photography light is everything. Without light, whether that be artificial or natural, there is no photography. The problem is that sometimes there is just too much or too little, and in both cases, artificial light may need to be added. But what if you don’t have any artificial light available to you? And what […]

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How I Processed This Photo Using Only Lightroom

An advantage of using the Raw format is that it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to processing. This, combined with Lightroom’s powerful processing engine, opens up lots of possibilities for the creative photographer. I’d like to show you how I processed a Raw file using only Lightroom. Photoshop users will […]Digital Photography School

5 Steps to Achieve the Look of Black and White Film Using Lightroom

As a hobbyist, amateur, or professional photographer, you may be interested in achieving the look and feel of black and white film without the hassle and investment in equipment and gear. You can edit a digital image using Lightroom with this goal without having your hands smell like rotten eggs (developing chemicals). If you shoot […]

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How to Make Beautiful Portraits Using Flash and High-Speed Sync

The scene: Outdoors with full sunlight. The gear: Your camera, lens, and flash. The problem: You find that your flash only works at 1/200th or below so you need to be at f/16 or f/22 to get the shot. Everything is in focus, including all the cars and other distractions in the background. Those dust spots […]

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How to Sharpen Your Photos using Lightroom and Nik Efex

Do you want to take razor sharp photos? One of the best methods for creating tack sharp images is what I call The 20/20 Technique. It’s a process that combines the editing power of Adobe Lightroom and Nik Efex to sharpen your images. Is sharpness overrated? The godfather of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once quipped, […]…
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How to Add a Sun Flare to Your Images Using Photoshop

If you read my previous article where I give you some tips for doing more spectacular sunset photography, you’ll understand that I love taking photos during the magic hour. For my portraits, I also book my sessions during that time because the light is very soft and flattering. There is one thing I particularly like […]

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