10 More Photography Tips to Help Take Your Images to the Next Level

A while back I wrote an article that was quite popular: 10 photography tips to take your photography up a level. In this article, I bring you 10 extra tips from all aspects of photography. Enjoy! #1 – What’s more than meets the eye? Let me ask you something, what would you do? You meet someone […]

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5 Tips for Creating Romantic Portraits of Couples

When I hear the word romantic, what comes to mind is a dreamy, poetic, passionate image, full of unspoken affection and sometimes, a touch of mystery. However, when it comes to romantic portraits of couples, I don’t want romantic to translate as cheesy or cliche. I think I would want something a little bit more […]

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Top Street and Travel Photography Tips of 2016

This week we have shared some other popular articles from 2016. Check those out here: Top Gear Related Articles of 2016 15 of the Most Popular Landscape Photography Articles of 2016 18 of the Most Popular Portrait Articles on dPS in 2016 Some of the Best Beginner Photography Tips of 2016 Most-Read Post-Processing Articles of […]

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Tips for How to Think and Use Lightroom More Artistically

Each time I process one of my images I do it in a totally different way. This might sound strange to you. I feel that often articles about image processing are riddled with ideas about formulas and essential steps. But for me, this totally goes against everything I believe about photography. If you want to make […]

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5 Tips For Using a Wacom Tablet With Lightroom

This is one of those classic “best of” articles (from Matt) that was so good, and still so perfectly relevant, that I wanted to share it with all our new readers (and folks who missed it the first time around).

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7 Tips – How to Add Depth and Dimension into Your Photos

Photographers have the same dilemma that painters have faced for centuries – how to show a three-dimensional subject in a two-dimensional frame. When you add depth it helps create a sense of place and draw the viewer into your images. It also shows a deeper understanding of the principles of composition in photography. The techniques […]…
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5 Top Tips for Incredible Headshots Every Time

Headshots are arguably the unsung heroes of the photography world. They’re everywhere, from social media profiles and advertisements to portfolios and hanging on the walls of the home. These carefully crafted images didn’t take themselves, though. If your headshot skills are a little wanting, there are a few tips you could take to improve yo…
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4 Beginner Tips for Doing Architecture Photography

The first thought you will want to steer clear of is that architecture means buildings, as it actually encompasses most man-made structures. Architectural photography involves capturing an image of a physical structure in an aesthetically pleasing way for your viewers. Here are a few tips to consider if you are just getting into this category o…
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Tips and Resources for Doing Android Phone Photography

Everywhere you go in the world today you will find someone, or many people, with their phones in the air capturing what they see. They all have a camera with them because they have their phones and can photograph everything they see. Phones have had cameras in them for quite a few years now, but […]

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4 Tips For Doing Eye-Catching Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is everywhere today and for good reason – the world is beautiful! However, because landscape photography is so popular, it can be difficult for your photographs to grab the eyes of your desired viewers. While there’s no way to predict exactly what image will stand out in the crowd, you can use these […]Digital Photography School