A Hidden Lightroom Mobile For Getting Finer Adjustments

I’ll betcha didn’t know this one — I didn’t know know it. Terry didn’t know it. I couldn’t find anybody that did know it (but now you will, too!).

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Catch Today’s Free Webinar from Adobe on “Lightroom Web” With Terry White

Join Adobe’s own Terry White LIVE today at 4pm for a Webinar on Lightroom Web :)

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How To Set Your Own Custom Lightroom Develop Module Preferences

It’s Tuesday – time for an awesome 60-second “Lightroom Coffee Break” from Benjamin Warde, and you’re really going to like this one, because he shows how to set up your own custom preferences for the Develop Module — a real time-saver! Pretty helpful, right? Thanks, Ben! Hey, are you coming to Orlando to learn Lightr…
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My First “From Flat to Fabulous in Lightroom” Start-to-Finish Tutorial of 2017

Happy Monday everybody — this is going to be a GREAT week! So great, in fact, that I wanted to celebrate by doing my first “From Flat to Fabulous in Lightroom“ tutorial of the year. You’ll see the whole post processing edit from start to finish. It’s below, but if you like this sort of tutorial, right […]

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How to Create and Use Smart Collections in Lightroom

Collections are one of Lightroom’s most powerful features, giving you a way to bring images from many folders together. Generally speaking, they’re just like boxes you sort your physical stuff into. Nothing goes in unless you put it there, and nothing comes out unless you take it out. What if I told you there was […]

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Lightroom Mobile’s Hidden “Burst Mode” Button

Happy Friday everybody! Here’s a little tip I picked up from Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost, and it’s where Lightroom Mobile’s built-in camera’s “Burst Mode” is hidden on the iPhone. In Apple’s own camera, you just hold the shutter button down on screen and it fires a continious burst of images. Try …
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The New Issue of Lightroom Magazine is Here

If you’re a KelbyOne Member, when you log-in to the member’s site, click on the Magazines link, and you’ll find the new issue (and a ton of back issues) right there. NEW COLUMNISTS We are very excited to add European Lightroom Guru and my dear friend, Serge Ramelli to the mag who is writing a […]

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Tips for How to Think and Use Lightroom More Artistically

Each time I process one of my images I do it in a totally different way. This might sound strange to you. I feel that often articles about image processing are riddled with ideas about formulas and essential steps. But for me, this totally goes against everything I believe about photography. If you want to make […]

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